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Ability to Remove User Access from Expensify without losing Unreported expenses/open reports

KatFlanaganKatFlanagan Expensify Customer Posts: 8 Expensify Newcomer

Hello !

It would be nice if we had the ability to remove users from Expensify without losing unreported expense/open report history.

Right now (as far as I know) we can either remove the user from the expense report policy (effectively, unshare the policy) or delete the user account through Domain Control..

Unsharing the policy still allows the user to log in and make changes / delete reports / modify expenses and deleting the account through Domain Control removes all unreported expenses and deletes Open/Processing reports.

We need an option to delete user accounts (block access) while maintaining all the user's account history.

Thank you,
Katie Flanagan

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  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 1,315 Expensify Team

    Hello @KatFlanagan - If you need to retain access to an employee's Open reports, I'd recommend having an admin submit them on the employee's behalf.

    Concerning expenses that are still unreported, a domain admin will have the ability to report company card expenses on an employee's behalf. If the expenses are cash expenses or imported from a personal card, they will be removed with the employee.

    I'll leave this idea open so others can vote in favor of reporting unreported personal and cash expenses.

  • rgondorgondo Expensify Customer Posts: 31 Expensify Admirer

    I desparately need this feature as well. We just terminated an employee and he claims to have several unreported expenses (which I am unable to view) and he is asking for reimbursement.

    I saw in another thread that the reason for this is because employees can be using Expensify for other or personal reason??? I don't understand that use case. Our company is paying the subscription fees for our employees to use Expensify solely for company use, so we should be able to see everything a user does within it, yes?

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