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Report name of user on Corporate Card policies - first part of email address

AEHAEH Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Previous to the January release, I used report:submit:from|frontPart to get the beginning of our user's email address as part of the report name on all of our policies. After the release, the report names started showing the first name and I was informed that I needed to change the coding to report:submit:from:email|frontPart to accomplish the same thing (and all of the reports created after the January release had hosed up report names until I made that change). However, our February Corporate Cards reports are beginning to be created and even though I changed the default report name as specified, I am still getting the user's first name and NOT the first part of the user's email address. This is happening on both of our credit card policies and not of our other policies.

Anyone have any idea what is happening and why?


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