Anybody having issues with expenses not transferring from email into Expensify

CarlCarl Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

Hi There. Can anyone tell me if there is an issue (or has anyone reported it) with expenses being submitted as emails.

I recently sent a batch of some 82 separate PDF as expenses and sent by email. However, I have noticed that some appear to be missing. Is this a known issue? If so anyone has a solution (other than taking photos of every single one of them)? Its a pretty serious bug if so.

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  • tylerzolltylerzoll Approved! Accountant Posts: 436 Expensify Champion

    @Carl 82 PDFs in an email seems like a lot to me. I can see how a many different problems from email servers to email clients could stand in the way of that process.

    Usually the issues that folks have with emailed receipts is that they send it from an email address that is not associated with their Expensify account. There is a connector for a ScanSnap ix500 so you can scan directly to Expensify.

    Have you tried the drag and drop upload? I would proably reccomend smaller batches, but that might be helpful.

  • CarlCarl Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer
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    Ok. Thanks for the answer, however, the email is definitely associated with the account so that is not the issue.

    Regarding the email option, I initially tried with a batch of 10 and that seemed fine. Hence the reason I added more. There is no documentation (that I can find) that tells me I should keep the batches to a smaller size. Moreover, the bigger pain is that I now have to go through them all and find out which ones are missing.

    Whats the scansnap connector you mention. Do you have a link? I am assuming that scansnap is the "Smartscan engine" that you use to OCR the receipts. Is that correct? If so, do you have a link to the connector which I presume lets me upload PDF's directly then I should be fine?

    I shall also try the drag and drop.

  • tylerzolltylerzoll Approved! Accountant Posts: 436 Expensify Champion

    @Carl, I definently understand that it's frustrating that it somehow skipped some random receipts.

    The solution that I was refering to is a scanner that integrates with Expensify. Here is a link

    There is another solution called SaneBox that I use that has the capability to atomatically forward emails over to Expensify when they come in. Here is my refrral code for SaneBox

    Maybe you could give some more information on your workflow, is there a particular reason that you need to import 82 PDFs at a time? Is this a one time thing or is it something that you will need to do regularly? Are they company card expenses or expenses that you will be reimbursed for?

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