Remove Expensify Monthly Bills from being added to reports

How on earth do I keep my monthly expensify bills from being added in as an expense report? They are paid by a company card and don't need to be added to this platform just emailed to me. So frustrating.


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 760 admin

    Hi @agiovannetti, welcome. I can see why this would be frustrating, and while we don't have any settings that would control billing invoices specifically, you could create an expense rule to place any Expensify charges onto a specific report and keep them out of your normal reports.

    What you can do is create a report in your account and name it something easily identifiable, I'd recommend "Expensify billing" or "Expensify invoice". Once you've made this report, you can open a past Expensify bill and assign it to the report. Before you save the expense, make sure you click the "Create a rule based on your changes" box. (Below)

    In the rule window, make sure you type in the name of the report you always want your billing receipts to land on.

    This rule should make sure all billing receipts from Expensify be placed on that report, however the report must stay in the Open state to allow this to continue to work.

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