We've identified an issue with our commercial card automated, background data sync system. The system has temporarily been turned off while we investigate a fix. You can still manually update your expense data by using the Update button in your personal Account Settings > Credit Card Import section.
Updates will be posted to our status page as soon as we have more details. 

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Duplication of expenses with automatic feed from credit card

Dear Expensify Customer Support,

lately, we added your service of automatic association of expenses receipts with the automatic credit card feed. This works fine. The problem is that then, the "original" expenses is not deleted. This brings to a duplication of expenses that is hard to detect, and a huge waste of time. Furthermore, you have to consider that automatic credit card feed is always provided in the bank account currency (CHF), while my expenses are often in EUR. This makes the job even harder. Could you fix this annoying problem?

Thank you

Best regards

Antonio Gallizzi (DATAMARS SA)


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,259 admin

    Hi @antoniodiazdesandi, thanks for sharing. Can you confirm if you're seeing one copy of the expense imported from the credit card (credit card + lock symbol) and another created from uploading and SmartScanning a receipt?

    If you have credit card transactions in your account, and upload a receipt to match the expense, our system should be able to SmartScan the receipt and add it to the matching company card expense.

    If you're finding this isn't the case, can you share with me the merchant, date and amount of some uncorrected examples in your account?


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