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Just wanting to make sure I understand Expensify.

Based on this: "We define any report action as activity. So within a given month, if a user's account has taken actions such as submitting a report, approving expenses, or issuing reimbursements, they’re considered an active user."

It's still unclear to me if a user creates but doesn't submit a report if we are billed for that user?

Could someone please confirm?



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  • Aaron PlaatAaron Plaat Posts: 64 Expensify Success Coach
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    Hi Patrick, I'd be glad to help clarify for you.

    At Expensify, we define an active user as anyone that has edited (created, submitted, approved, exported, etc.) expense data on a company policy.

    Thus, creating a report would qualify as billable activity. I hope this helps!


    Expensify Customer Success

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