receipts I upload or drag & drop disappear within the hour or same day

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This has been happening over the past several months, receipts will disappear as if I never dropped them in or used your web app to import the receipt. I then have to retrack which receipt is missing & drop them back in again. It happened yesterday. Happened again today. Please advise if anyone is working on this issue. So far on mobile, no issues happening there which is good. Please fix your web app.
Note: I wait for the SmartScan to process the receipt.


  • Katie Oswalt
    Katie Oswalt Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 170 Expensify Team

    Hey there! Katie from the Expensify Customer Success team here  :smile:

    One thing to keep in mind when you are SmartScanning receipts is that, while SmartScanning, the receipt will appear under today's date. Once the process is finished, we will then relocate the receipt to reflect the date that was on the receipt. In this case, it may look like the receipts have disappeared, when really they are just filtered from view!

    Could you check that the filters on the left hand side of the Expenses screen on the web (as there are no filters on our mobile app currently) are set to a sufficient date range? You can often find those receipts that are "hiding".

    If this doesn't help you find the receipts, please write to us at or use the in-app messaging bubble in the lower right hand corner of your screen with specific receipt details (date, merchant, and amount) so that we can help you locate these in your account, or further troubleshoot what the issue may be.

    Thanks for using Expensify, and I hope this helps!