employee reimbursement without a receipt

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Hello. We are new to Expensify so please forgive my ignorance! I need to provide a specific expense $ amount to each employee on a monthly basis without a receipt for that expense. Is that possible and if so, where can I find information on how to do that? Thanks for your guidance!

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  • Aussiebandit
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    hi @AdamyValuation - so are you saying that every month you will need to reimburse your employees for a particular expense that won't have a receipt so they can be reimbursed? If so, then they need to enter the expense, and add it to a report. As long as you don't have restrictions on the category that 'requires' a receipt or have a threshold setup for the expense that is an amount over $XX and must have a receipt, then the employee can submit that report and be reimbursed. They can then copy that report every month.