How to limit first approver from having to review every receipt and approve individually

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The way our system is set up, someone submits their report, along with receipts and this goes to their direct manager for approval. The manager is then supposed to look at every receipt and approve it. Once these are approved, they then go onto finance for final approval.

We would like the manager to be able to approve or reject the report without looking at any receipts. And then when it gets to accounting, we would like accounting to do the receipt verification side.

We thought about sending it to accounting first, but then accounting would need to know everyone's individual manager to forward it to for final processing, which is not practical.

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • tylerzoll
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    @Tammy_Martin18 You can use the bulk approval fature on the reports tab. This way they can approve the report without even looking at it. They get a message that asks if they are for sure that they want to do that.

    For example if I have 10 reports that are waiting on my approval, I can select them all, click approve, then they are done.

    Also, an approver does not have to go through the complete process. When they click on a report, they can approve it and be done.

    Not sure if this completley answers your question, but it may help. Also, what is the point of having someone approve a report without documentation?