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Jenna Hay
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Our customers have told us over and over that reconciling company cards sucks. That the monthly process of confirming all expenses on your company card statement have been downloaded, reported, coded, submitted, approved and exported can be a real pain in the you know what. Which is why we're incredibly excited to announce the release of our Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard.

Go to Settings > Domain Control > [domain name] > Company Cards tab, choose the feed you want to work with and click the Reconciliation tab, enter your statement start and end dates and we'll display:

  • Imported, Approved and Unapproved totals for the whole card feed
  • Approved and Unapproved Totals for each card

From here you can:

  • Confirm all expenses on the company card statement are in Expensify
  • Identify employees with outstanding expenses (i.e. those that are Unreported or on Open or Processing reports)
  • Click on any of the amounts on the Dashboard to view the corresponding expenses on the Expenses page:

In addition, Domain Admins can now view Unreported company card expenses and Auto Report them (onto an existing Open report in the employee's account if there is one or create a new one if there isn't):

With this tool, Domain Admins now have the ability to view, report, code / attach receipts, submit and approve company card expenses giving them complete visibility and control over all company card expenses.

Learn how to complete your reconciliations using the Dashboard

And check out our new best practice guide for managing company cards in Expensify

We look forward to hearing your feedback!