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Multiple Pictures to make up one receipt.

SarahBSarahB Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

One of my main struggles with using expensify, is when I import a double sided receipt for my credit card expenses (Sainsbury's receipts are the main culprits!!). Because the date field is on the back, it means none of these autoscan.
It would be useful if multiple scans would could just make up one scan account.
Additionally this would be useful for Hotel statements where I have a till receipt to prove my credit card was successful, and a breakdown on an invoice too.
These two areas take up almost half of my statement most months, so this would definitely be helpful.

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Hi everyone - prompted by the more recent comments, I brought this idea back to the team for a review and discussion around whether this is likely to be a change we would invest in. At this point, it’s very unlikely that we’ll make this change, and as a result, I'm going to close this post. We’re confident that the main flow (SmartScan your itemised receipt and card receipt together in one shot) supports most ways that our customers need, and that we have a good workaround (add the additional evidence as a Document via the Report Comments section) when that doesn’t work well. We have a very full roadmap planned out for the coming months, and we don’t want to mislead any of our customers that we’ll work on this change. In particular, since March 2018 there have been less than 40 votes in favour of this change, out of a pool of millions of users. As always, we appreciate the insight that our customers provide into how they use Expensify!


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