Can expenses be filtered/sorted based on their reimbursable status?

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I wanted to review only my non-reimbursable expenses to make sure I had checked reimbursable by mistake. I have large expense reports and it's unrealistic to go back and try and locate the non-reimbursable expenses individually.

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  • Aussiebandit
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    Hi @Tee_Furman90 - you can only look at reimbursable. I think there is an idea lodged on the ideas page for that extra non-reimbursable filter. You might like to go an vote for that.

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    hello @Tee_Furman90 - I'm happy to help with this. Aussiebandit is correct that there isn't a filter for non-reimbursable only, but if you have added your expenses to a report it should be easy to find the non-reimbursable expenses.

    We've recently added the ability to sort reports by reimbursable status using the filter options in the report view. More on that here!

    Additionally, we will show a breakdown of the report totals if more than one type of expense is on the report. This means that if the report contains non-reimbursable expense as well as reimbursable, you'd see a breakdown of the total at the top right of the report. This would be a good indicator that there are non-reimbursable expenses on the report. (Below)

    If you find a report with non-reimbursable expenses, you can tell which expenses they are because we apply a small notation to the expense total. (Below)

    I hope this helps!