"Invalid reference key" and "Error creating employee" errors when syncing Netsuite

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I am having two issues with a sync.

  1. When I sync Expensify to Netsuite I am getting and "Invalid reference key 211 for subsidiary 3"
  2. I am getting an "Error creating employee: This entity already exists." when I am trying to export a report to Netsuite

Both the errors look like are Netsuite issues but I am not sure if I need to change anything in Expensify or Netsuite?

Please help !

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  • tylerzoll
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    A couple of things- Have you been syncing reports successfully with NetSuite, then something broke or is this the first time syncing?

    How are you exporting your reports? Vendor Bills, Expense Reports or Journal Entries? Is this specific report going out as an vendor bill?

    Make sure that the corect subsidiary is selected on the NetSuite connection set up tab.

    Try syncing your account with NetSuite in the connections tab. Does everything sync there? if not, it should give up the specific entity where there is a conflict.