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Introducing improvements to admin control of company cards

Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 985 admin
edited March 8 in Product Updates

Now that you’ve had a chance to use our new reconciliation dashboard features, we wanted to share some more improvements to the control admins have over company cards.

These improvements center around company card liability, located in the company card section of Domain Control.


  • There have been no changes to how expenses function when Corporate Liability is selected. These expenses still cannot be deleted by the employee.
  • If you use Corporate Liability and Automatic Statement Reporting together, expenses will still flow onto statement reports and employees will be unable to delete or remove them from the report.

Now for the changes:

  • [NEW!] Personal Liability now grants employees the ability to delete expenses. Please note that deleted expenses are filed away under the cardholder’s deleted expenses filter, and can be restored.
  • [NEW!] Using Personal or Corporate Liability and Scheduled Submit together will give employees the option to move expenses between reports.

If you don’t want employees to be able to delete expenses and you’re currently using Personal Liability, please update your company card liability to Corporate. (below)


  • JuliaJulia Posts: 130 ✭✭✭

    Just curious because I don't think I'm fully understanding, how do these new changes improve admin control of company cards? (assuming we already have corporate liability as we do not want our users deleting corporate credit card transactions).

  • mb2vwmb2vw Posts: 1

    I have set up a company liability card. I have turned off Automatic Statement Reporting.

    I was very frustrated to see that locked charges were still being automatically entered into an existing expense report. Going to the expense, I was unable to move the charge/expense to my desired report, due to the pull down being "greyed out", not allowing re-selection.

    After much frustration and time wasted, I found that if I go into the report, and select the pencil icon (edit), I was able to remove the locked in expense out of the report and then apply it to a report it needed to go on.

    Can it be fixed that the report can be selected at expense item level?


  • ExpenseMasterExpenseMaster Posts: 3

    Hi @Sheena Trepanier, I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, but I was wondering why as an admin, I can't edit another admin's approved/reimbursed reports? We have 3 admins (including myself) and we work as a team on Expensify. We had a situation last week when I was out of the office that one of the other admins needed to have an employee expense unmarked as reimbursed and unapproved because the employee needed to make a correction, but when the other admin went to do it, it wasn't an option. Would you mind letting me know?
    Thank you for your time!

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