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Date of Last Expense as Date Posted in Intacct

TinaTurnageTinaTurnage Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

I would like my non-reimbursable credit card expenses to post to Intacct on the the last expense date on the report. For example, our AMEX cuts off on 28th of each month so each monthly report has a few charges from the previous month that has already been closed in Intacct. I want these charges to post to the following month that is still open. I have "date of last expense" selected as date to use when exporting and assumed all charges would post to that date in Intacct, but they seem to post based on individual charge date and error out if that period is closed in Intacct. How can I make sure all charges on a report post to the date of the last expense in Intacct and not the individual actual charge date of each expense?


  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 409 Expensify Pro

    @TinaTurnage Is Expensify connected to your AMEX account? One thing that you can do is change the configuration so that you are importing the post date instead of the charge date from AMEX. The problem is that this generally breaks automatic matching from smart scan.

    I looked at the help file for Intacct, but I assume that the other options besides "date of last expense" are submitted date and exoirted date. Is that correct?

  • TinaTurnageTinaTurnage Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

    Expensify is connected to AMEX. Thanks for the tip that I could change configuration but I wouldn't want to break smart scan if possible. These reports are generally submitted and exported the month after the date of last expense, so I would really like "date of last expense" to work and post all charges to that last date on the report which is generally the 28th of month vs. prior month that is closed or month after when report is submitted and exported.

  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 409 Expensify Pro

    @TinaTurnage I'm a little bit confused, how fast do you "lock" the period after the end of the month? I'm thinking that the date of last expense should work as you want it to work. Also, do you have scheduled submit turned on? this can help folks get their reports in.

  • TinaTurnageTinaTurnage Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

    I normally close or lock a period 10 days after the end of the month. For example, January was closed on 2/10/18. For February AMEX statement charge dates are 1/29-2/28. The non reimbursable reports were submitted and exported prior to March 10th close date for February. There are several 1/29-1/31 charges on the February AMEX report that is submitted and exported early March. These January charges are causing an export error I am assuming because January Intacct is closed. When I reopen January and export, the charges successfully export and post back to the charge date in January and not the date of the last expense on the report of 2/28. So, my issue is that even though I have date of last expense selected as date to post to in Intacct they are still posting to the charge date and not the date of last expense. This date of last expense was working previously, but seems to have changed now for this month and no longer using date of last expense but charge date as posting date. I am noticing several other changes in how Expensify data is now imported to Intacct so wonder if they have recently changed something on their end to affect how Expensify data is imported?

  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 409 Expensify Pro

    @TinaTurnage I'm not an Intaact user, but I have date of last expense selected for my export to NetSuite. This seems unique, because when I export a report, there is only one date and one posting period per report. For example, if I had 4 months of expenses on one report, and had date of last expense selected, the whole report would go to one specific day regardless of the dates of the individual expenses. I haven't seen lots of activity with the Intaact integration lately, but this seems like something that should be resolved. Maybe @Sheena Trepanier can help.

  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 229 Expensify Success Coach

    Because we export credit card charges in Intacct we use the actual posted date of each transaction. Similar to what we use for non-reimbursable expenses in NetSuite if you export as individual journal entries for each expense. When you have a charge on the report that is in the closed period, it should roll into the next open period to prevent any issues exporting. @TinaTurnage Are you seeing any errors when you try to export these expenses?

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