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Monthly reports

GZNGZN Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer


We are new to this so bear with me. I am using Expensify to upload all business credit card transactions and then attach receipts to it. That is the only use we have right now. I would like to create monthly reports where things wrap up at the end of the month and then we have some time to upload all receipts before this is submitted to QB for reconciliation.

We started importing all card transactions since the beginning of 2017 and that created a very long report. We had not realized that you are not able to take transactions from there and create another report at will.

So here are my questions:
a) We created a report for February but only partial transactions are listed on that report. In the meantime, if I go to the long report which keeps pulling transactions since last year, I see all of them. Why the discrepancy? How can I fix this? Should I close the long report?

b) Is there any hope for past months of this year or last? Could we still somehow create monthly reports for the past? If so, how?

Many thanks for your help!


  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 409 Expensify Pro

    @GZN, My advice would be to ignore the report function at first, and get your expenses and receipts matched up. I have a client who is a sole proprieter that doesn't even know that the reporting function exits, he just matches up his receipts.

    From that point, it's really easy to create new reports and assign expenses to them. You can use the filters to narrow down a month of expenses and select them all and add them to a new report.

    Regarding question a- I'm a little bit confused but what you mean by the long report. Are you importing transactions by CSV or do you have a connection to a bank? By the long report, do you mean the reconciliation report that you can export from Expensify? If you are referring to just a report, you can delete the report and it doesn't delete the expenses.

  • GZNGZN Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer
    edited March 2018

    Thank you Tylerzoll for the swift reply. I love the idea of working without reports! How do I do this? By just sticking with the feed on the expenses tab? If we go that route, can we still submit or somehow reconcile with QB?

    On your question regarding the long report. Yes, we used a CSV to import all transactions from last year and then the system kept the feed current daily by adding to this through the credit card bank connection.

  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 409 Expensify Pro
    edited December 2018

    @GZN, I don't know if that would be completely advised to completely skip reports, just trying to put it into prospective. The reports are how the submission process is handled and also the policy is set up.

    I've included a screenshot of how it works to select multiple expenses with the blue rectangle. I have automatic statement reporting set up, so the expenses are automatically assigned to a report and can't be moved. Since I don't believe you have that set up, you can select them, then add them to a report. The add to report option should pop up where the red box is. Also, you can use the export as shown in the red box.

    Also, what version of QB are you using (online or desktop)? Your reports should sync with QB so that all of the detail is imported. This way you really don't have to worry much about reconciliation. You can use the reconciliation report, but if you do a monthly report and get your credit card statement to close on the last day of the month, then it should be pretty simple. Just check the balance on the report and the statement and export.

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