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Scheduled Submit Being Turned On Automatically

Curious if anyone else has had issues with the Scheduled Submit setting being turned on for policies despite previously turning it off. We've noticed this a couple of times now and it's frustrating to not have control over our own system. This has also resulted in users having reports created for them, meaning they are now an active user and we are charged for them that month. In our workflows, users who have few expenses are asked to create/submit reports quarterly rather than monthly.

This apparently happens because of the inbox tasks. If a user or admin answers one of these - even by picking manual submit as the answer - it can turn scheduled submit on, which then auto creates reports.

I'm hoping to have other customers chime in if this is causing issues.

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  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 985 admin

    Hello @jennyberg - thanks for posting and I'm happy to help with this.

    The Inbox task you're referring to is a specific task that only policy admins can use to enable Scheduled Submit at the policy level. This Inbox task starts with "I'll assist you by batching up any new employee receipts. How often should I submit receipts on their behalf?"(Below)

    Policy admins with this task can enable Scheduled Submit for the entire policy, so it's best to be careful with this task.

    Additionally, personal level Scheduled Submit is enabled by default for new accounts so it could be that you have employees who haven't disabled it. If that is the case they can disable this from their Account Settings > Preferences section.

    There is a second Inbox task that is presented to end users (non-admins) that is very similar to the one I shared above. This task starts with "Do you want me to submit your expenses for you?" (below)

    Your employees could also be selecting an option in this task and enabling Scheduled Submit even though they manually disabled it before.

    If you've ruled out all of the above and are still seeing Scheduled Submit enabled at the policy level, we should take a closer look together so please let me know!

  • jennybergjennyberg Posts: 5

    In your example for the admin task, if the admin selects Never: Let users decide, this still turns on scheduled submit. The wording of the option is misleading. We've basically told our admins to never answer any of these tasks because they change settings without warning.

    For the personal settings, we really want the ability for our policy settings to override personal settings and/or not allow users to set certain things. We've asked our users to turn this off, but getting 100+ employees to change a setting is easier said than done. Same thing with the non-admin task - it's confusing to users when they don't understand the intricacies of the system and inadvertently turn something on even when they choose the manually submit option.

    Also, the naming and description of Scheduled Submit says expenses will be assigned to a report. It never mentions creating a report. When you have things like this in the background that automatically create reports, it's really shady since that is how Expensify counts active users and thus bills.

  • JuliaJulia Posts: 130 ✭✭✭

    @jennyberg agree with everything you said! One of my biggest pain points is that users can override certain features that we have specifically set up at the policy level.

    I wish if manual submit was selected at the policy level, that the inbox would just not prompt the users at all. It causes a lot of confusion.

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