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When certain vendor transactions are imported from our credit card, they each have a unique identifier. For example:

  • Msft * E070057id1
  • Msft * E08005bdgq
  • Msft * E08005bd4j

These are all Microsoft transactions, and they are unique every time they come through. These three transactions are monthly recurring charges.

When I need to export these to QB Desktop, they are now always assigned to Credit Card Misc, when I would like them to go to Microsoft. But it is impossible to match each of these transactions to a vendor when each is unique.

Can I as an administrator set rules for names of vendor expenses for my employees?

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    @CJG, You can set up rules so that any vendor name that contains "Msft" is changed to Microsoft. You can't set up rules for the whole company, but you can set them up for individuals. Just click on the profile picture and go to account settings. You can also create an expense rule by checking the box at the bottom of the expense edit box.