Proper Importing of Expenses and HST in QB Desktop

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My issue that I am having is we have a tax rate "H" for a 13% tax set up in Expensify which matches the tax rate "H" in QB Desktop. When importing, QB is adding another 13% to the total if my account is set up to default to "H". If the account is not set up with the "H", the tax does not import.

So for every transaction, either I have to take 13% off, or I have to add the HST in. What is the correct configuration of QB and Expensify to ensure that HST is imported correctly so I don't have to adjust the HST in every single transaction?

Automation isn't worth it if you have to check every entry.

I echo the sentiment that phone support would be beneficial. Chat and email don't work and I don't see a lot of solutions on this board.