Can I set up recurring expenses for my monthly cell phone bill?

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How do I setup a recurring monthly expense for my cell phone I don't have to put it in every single month ?


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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Awhitfield - thanks for joining the community!

    Setting up recurring expenses is not a feature we currently support. However, our community has created an Idea post for recurring expenses that I'd like to encourage you to vote on and share your use case for.

    You can find the idea post here, and I know our other community members woud appreciate the support for the feature request.



  • jamet123
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    BTW none of the links to the idea post work.... Not this one, not the ones in multiple other threads. Every one dies with a permission problem

  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @jamet123 the Ideas section has been decommissioned.

    We don’t have Recurring Expenses in the sense that the expenses create themselves each month. But we do have a few ways you can handle expenses that are ongoing and repeated:

    • SmartScan all expenses as you go (this is always the best practice as rates can change over time) and let the system generate them based on the most accurate source (your receipts)
    • Use Create Multiple to create placeholders for future expenses so you don’t forget to SmartScan them
    • Use Copy Expense to copy a previous iteration of the same expense
    • Use Copy Report to copy a templated set of expenses

    If you have tried these methods and you have a specific case that means they won’t work for you, please do let me know and be as detailed on your use case as you can!