What is the best practice for multi-page receipts?

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Sometimes my receipts consist of more than one page. Can I capture these in Expensify?

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  • Aussiebandit
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    Hi @WGC - if your receipt is multi-page you can just upload them as you would usually (forward to receipts@expensify.com or upload them to the site).

    Once uploaded, you are free to attach the PDF to an expense much like any receipt image. You’ll notice that the thumbnail image in Expensify only displays the first page; don’t worry though, the rest of the pages are there too.

    In order to view all receipt pages you can do two things:

    1. Just open the expense and from the edit details window and click the ‘download’ button. This will open the receipt, in its entirety, in another tab in your web browser.
    2. Open the expense and click the receipt image. Your receipt will be opened in a popover window and you can scroll through the multiple pages of the receipt.