Using a contactless card - how can I reclaim these expenses?

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If I am using a contactless bank card in order to pay for my travel and wish to request the amount back, how would I go about presenting the information so that the correct amount is paid back to me? As it would be via a contactless card, I would not be topping up my oyster card or buying a travelcard so I would not have a receipt as the money is debited from my account. Would the best option be to take a screenshot of the money being debited from my account on my online banking or is there an alternative way of proving the cost of my travel?

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  • Aussiebandit
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    I am assuming that you can get a CSV file from your bank with the transactions from your card. I would get this CSV file from the bank and upload it into Expensify. You could even have a feed from your bank into Expensify so that it comes in automatically. Account Settings>Credit Card Imports, Hope this helps

  • LaurenR_Expensify
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    Hi Ashley

    I'd echo what @Aussiebandit has suggested about importing the CSV file from your bank. You could create an Expense Rule under your Account settings that would autocategorise these too.

    Another solution would be to add your contactless card to your TFL account and then pull the PDF from their website and upload this to Expensify. The only slight hitch with this is that all your journeys for the month will come in, which may be confusing if you're using your card for personal AND work travel.

    If you don't need to itemise your travel expenses, the other more low tech solution is to get an Oyster card exclusively for business travel? This way you could expense the top-up, which you can get a receipt for and SmartScan as normal.