Dealing with expenses in a foreign currency

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How do I report expenses in foreign currency, instead of $?


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    The default currency can be set in two places. If you're a member of a policy already, the default currency will be controlled in the policy itself. It can also be set at the individual level (will be overridden by a policy) in your Settings > Policies > Individual > Personal > Reports section.

    If you need to change this and are not a policy admin, please reach out to a manager to request this.

    If you are an admin, you can update the currency for all future reports from Settings > Policies > Group > [Your Policy] > Reports section.

    An important thing to note would be if you need to report expenses in multiple currencies. If that is the case, you'd want to create a separate policy for each currency and have a different currency set for each one.