Wrong reimbursement account number - what do I do if my report says it was already reimbursed?

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Does anyone know what happens if the wrong account number is put in under reimbursement? My Expensify account says it was reimbursed, but there is nothing in my account, so I checked my accounts and there was a mistake. One number is off. Does that mean someone else received my money? And how do I get it back? There is no customer service phone number for Expensify so I am very frustrated that I can't speak to someone about this right away.


  • Aussiebandit
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    Hi @KJ939 - I would suggest that you ask your Expensify Admin if the amount was withdrawn from the Company bank account - if yes, has it been returned as unknown ? or if not, I would get them to ring the bank and advise what has happened.

  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @KJ939 , @Aussiebandit is correct - if you have an incorrect deposit account number in your settings, when an ACH reimbursement is processed, one of two things will happen:

    1. The funds will return to your company's bank account and they will need to re-initiate the payment manually to the correct account.
    2. The funds have been deposited into a legitimate account (if the status says Reimbursed-confirmed, this is the case) so your Admin will need to follow this up with the bank to retrieve the payment. The report will need to be unapproved and the approval & reimbursement process started again.

    I recommend you speak to your Policy Admin as soon as humanly possible.