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I'm the admin and I'd like to set up default tags for employees, and also enter their full name (rather than just having their email). I know the employee can do this when logged in. Can the admin also edit the employees settings? Thanks

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @RebeccaM, the Admin can't make edits to the user's profile, but depending on whether you are integrated with any other software, the first and last name may import from your accounting or HR software.

    The user themselves can set up expense rules to dictate things like tags, e.g. If Merchant Name contains X tag as Y.

    It may be helpful to keep in mind that the Expensify account itself is a free account owned by the user, and the Policy is what is owned by an organisation.

    The exception to this rule is organisations using Domain Settings have a little more control over things around credit cards and single sign-on. In saying that, the user is still in control of their own profile.

    Are you concerned your users will miss something with their account setup? It may help to share our Day 1 guide with them.