Getting our company up and running with Amex business cards and QuickBooks

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Hello! I am working on getting our company set up with Expensify and have some questions. We have four different types of employees at our company (Admin/Office Staff, Technicians, Sales People and Executives). All employees use a personal company issued AMEX so we aren't going to be using this platform for reimbursement tracking. Our main goal is to get rid of all the stacks of receipts that we have to go through to compare to the AMEX statement and submit to our company controller for coding in Quickbooks. We want to have an employee take a picture of a receipt, go through a simple review process (comparing to transactions on the AMEX statement) and go directly in to the correct job/expense costing in quickbooks. Could someone advise the best way to do this? Thank you.

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    Hi @maxr2004 , welcome to the Expensify Community!

    The use case you describe is absolutely bang-on with what Expensify is about. I personally have used a few systems in past (including scanning receipts sellotaped to a sheet of paper), and I think I can say your team will thank you.

    The best approach if you have a corporate Amex is to find out about getting a GL1025 feed, and having us connect it under Domain Control.

    So setting up Domain Control (taking control of your domain) will be step 1. Read this page to find out how to set up the card feed - particularly the Amex part! After that you can link your Policy to QuickBooks and allocate the Amex cards to each user and their respective GL account. Your users will allocate the expenses to their corresponding QuickBooks accounts, so there will be less manual coding for your Controller. Do you use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?

    You'll be able to use our new Company Card Reconciliation feature to ensure your team are submitting all expenses.

    I'm going to stop here, because that's a lot of information, but it's enough to get you started. Feel free to come back with any questions!