How are you entering corporate card payments in Intacct?

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Hello Intacct users - we're just setting up and are perplexed by apparent limitations in the Charge Card Transactions module. It seems we can only mark charges as unpaid or 100% paid. What do you do when the amount actually paid is different from the exact sum of the charges, for example when you make a minimum payment or pay extra in order to increase the credit limit?

Relatedly, does anyone use the combination of Expensify + Intacct +


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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @NickyG thanks for posting! I'd recommend adding your first question to Sage Intacct's forums as well, just so you get a more robust Sage Intacct population.

    In regard to the second question, we do have a Sage Intacct connection that works in conjunction with You can find full instructions on connecting Sage Intacct with here.

    When using the connection, you and your employees would create and submit expense reports in Expensify. Your reports would export as vendor bills to Sage Intacct and then to automatically.

    I hope this helps!