Generate receipts into separate pdfs

Norgaard Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Hi Team,

We have a lot of expences, which needs to be processed on a monthly basis.

The thing is, that each receipt needs to be uploaded as single PDF file, due to our company policy setup and economic system. As this allows our manager/approver to have an easier time reviewing our reports.


Firstly, is there a way that Expencify supports this scenario, such as allowing me to easily (eg. by one click) to generate a monthly report with each receipt in a separate PDF?

Secondly, if so, is the a way to set or a specification of the format?

Ideally, where each PDF is named in a structured manner (such as yyyy-mm-dd -name - amount, ex 2018-04-01 - Store X - USD 500.pdf), to allow an easy process for the manual upload and expencse registration in or system