How do I find out the admin of our company account?

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So, I just started with my company and I cannot find who was the admin? I'm trying to get the admin access transferred to me and set up policies and rules. Also I need to know on which plan we currently are. How do I get to that?

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi Hazel,

    We generally say the the easiest way for a user to tell is to see who your reports submit to and start with them.

    However, you don't appear to have been invited to a company Policy yet, so I would advise you to reach out to your HR people - generally the invitation to Expensify is part of the new employee setup.

    I can tell you that at first glance it doesn't actually look like your company is using a paid Policy at all, the users might all just be using Expensify independently, so you may be starting from scratch with the Policy setup. If so, you can go to your Expensify Inbox and click 'Collect Receipts' to create a Policy.