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Hi- I love the feature where I can organize all my expenses and pictures of receipts by the tag or job. I am now wondering if there is way to print out a page from the expense tab that has multiple receipt pictures on it. This will help our company because if we can get all the pictures of the receipts for a job named "Hewes" onto one paper then we can file that paper into the "Hewes" job folder; instead of having to print each receipt onto their own paper.

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @LexiP , you can of course export to CSV, but that doesn't include images.

    Can you tell me about your workflow? Do you use hardcopy/paper job files? And where do the paper receipt images go after they're in the folder - are they just there for record keeping or are they passed on to someone?

    Is there a reason you keep hardcopies?