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AndrejusAndrejus Posts: 3

Honestly, your customer support is frustrating. I had a specific question about past billing and all I get is generic responses from "concierge" that are not relevant to my question. Is there anyone who has access to my account can contact me directly?


  • ZilZil Posts: 14

    Everyone has this issue and no one is getting help. Wish I could be more helpful but we are all stuck and frustrated

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,471 admin

    Hi @Andrejus - Thank you for posting on the community, I'd love to help you with your questions. If you wouldn't mind sharing your billing question here, that would be great!

  • AndrejusAndrejus Posts: 3

    That's the problem @Sheena - why do I have to post to a community forum when there's already a thread of 10 emails with "concierge" who are not being able to provide an answer to a direct question and that take several days to respond. Is there anyone in support who actually has an access to my billing account, who can review and provide an answer to a specific question?

  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 514 admin

    Hi @Andrejus, I have taken a look at your exchanges with Concierge over the last week and the responses are all correct from the outset.

    We started broadcasting our pricing structure changes in January, and these came into effect in February. Because your account stayed on Flex billing and didn't opt-in to an annual subscription, you paid the Flex Price. I believe Concierge has also responded re a refund to fix-up this oversight, so that you can continue on Annual pricing.

    Apologies that this came as a surprise, we have had a few people who didn't see the emails etc and found out when they got their bill. I hope we can get this sorted and sail along smoothly going forward.

  • SethJSethJ Posts: 1

    Don't take this personally, Rachel, but I agree with Andre. Expensify has great software but piss poor customer support. It's not like we are needy, but when we have an issue w/ the software that can be cleared up in a few minutes by a specialist, it is frustrating when we have to wait a number of hours to days to hear from a live person. That concierge of yours is worthless. It's easier to google the problem. And even when we hear back from a live person, it's not like a dialogue is started. We have to wait another day or two for a follow-up response. It's like you are located between here and Alpha Centauri and we have to wait for the radio signal to traverse the distance. Are you aliens at Expensify?

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,471 admin

    Hi @SethJ, thanks for joining the community. I hope to see you around the community more often and hopefully we can change your mind about our support!

    I see that you're working with my wonderful team member Ariel, so I'll let you continue on with her in that thread. By keeping your troubleshooting to that one thread it's going to help us have full context into anything affecting your team, and will result in a faster resolution.

    Have a lovely night!

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