Has anyone found a German bank that works with bank feeds?

We've just set up a German entity and looking for a credit card provider over there which are compatible with Expensify bank feeds. Any feedback would be gratefully received.


  • Peter BarkerPeter Barker Posts: 1 mod

    The best Expensify bank feeds are in fact run through the three major card providers (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), with whom we've developed compatible infrastructure.

    This means it's largely up to the particular Bank in question as to whether or not they are willing to enable the feed, so while you're evaluating providers, you can ask them if they allow for commercial data feeds such as VCF (VISA) or CDF (Mastercard) being connected to third party platforms like Expensify.

    Of course, one of the bonuses of working in Europe is that you can use banks from other countries within the EU, and Expensify has successfully enabled feeds via UBS, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) and SEB's Eurocard (Denmark/Sweden). It might be worth adding these to your list of potential suppliers, as well as the major global banks you might use elsewhere, such as HSBC and Citi.

  • StefKStefK Posts: 1

    When trying to import a Mastercard issued by Credit Suisse (Switzerland), I have no possibility to select this bank. How do I import the credit card then? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • benfitzbenfitz Posts: 35 mod

    Hey @StefK! Welcome to the Expensify Community! :blush:

    The best way to import your card is likely going to be through a commercial feed. The first step is to reach out to your bank contact and ask them if this is possible for your cards. For MasterCards, we can process Common Data File (CDF) feeds. Once you know if you’re eligible, please contact [email protected] and we'll be able to provide the next steps!

    Thanks! :star:

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