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Admin Webinar Q&A - 03 April 2018

RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 811 Expensify Success Coach

Setup Tasks

Q: Can we access this webinar later?
A: Yes you can stream the recording online

Q: Is there a way to have Expensify send an email or text alert saying that an expense has been processed and ready to be submitted?
A: Yes, we provide these alerts by email for reports. Users can control their notifications from their Account Settings

Q: Where is the overview doc located? Was it emailed to registrants?
A: Yes, and you can also access it here


Q: What's the difference between categories and tags and when would I use one vs the other?
A: Categories generally reflect the main GL account, i.e. meals, airfare, taxi. A Tag would be any secondary information like a department, project, location, etc.

Q: So if i wanted to add client names, for which client should be billed, would I do that with tags?
A: Yes, exactly.

Q: We're a small company. Our owner who lives overseas uses both our two company credit cards and a personal card. I want to have a place to mark which card he used. Would I do that with tags too or something else?
A: You can actually just link all cards to the employee via Domain Control. Company cards are added under domain control and personal cards are added by the user.

Q: How do you delete an expense that was erroneously entered?
A: To delete an expense, it must be on an open report or unreported. The expense cannot be on a report that's already been submitted. For any expense that is open/unreported, there is a red trash can icon within the expense. If it has been reported and submitted you will need to retract the report before deleting the expense.

Q: How should scheduled submit work?
A: Scheduled Submit really has 3 main parts: Collection - New expenses will add to the open report (or create one if there is no open report. Submission - Reports will be submitted as per the frequency in your Scheduled Submit settings. Violations - Expenses with violations will be held back on a new report if they are not corrected before submission, ready to be fixed-up before the next submission date. It's a good idea for your team to have a reiminder in their calendar to check reports are looking clean and tidy before submission date.

Q: If you change the scheduled submit (eg. from monthly to manual), how does it impact on the open reports?
A: It simply means that the reports will not automatically submit at the end of the month, and the same report will continue to be used until the user manually submits it.

Q: I have clients that have expenses on personal accounts and business accounts - is there a way to separate these in Expensify? Expenses with personal accounts would need to be reimbursed and expenses with business accounts would just be passed on to the accounting program.
A: Expenses can be marked as reimburable on the expense itself. You may want to set the 'default new cash expenses to Reimburable' switch in Admin > [Policy Name] > Expenses

Q: We are a construction company and have employees on different jobs. How would we separate these reports per job?
A: You would add your jobs as tags and this would allow the end user to select the job tag that applies to the line item by a drop down menu.

Q: What is eReceipts under Expenses tab?
A: eReciepts is a feature for company card expenses under $75 dollars. If the employee forgot to attach a receipt and we will automatically attach an IRS compliant eReceipt for you.

Q: If a user later finds the receipt, can he add it even though the eReceipt is currently there?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Is there a way where an employee can create an expense report with just the receipts, and when the expenses lock they automatically merge with the expense and then sent to the approver? A lot of times, we have employees waiting for a transaction to lock and then forget about it and end up submitting the report late.
A: To be clear: A padlock icon means a credit card is imported via Domain Control, so you are waiting for the bank to post the transaction to that account, so it can merge. There is no way to speed up the bank, but the user could put a reminder in their calendar to check back a few days later. I recommend you set up a weekly submission using Scheduled Submit.

Q: Who gets to hit the "reimburse" button. Is it just the Admin?
A: Yes, the reimburser needs to be both a Policy Admin and have access to the reimbursement account

Managing People

Q: How do we take an employee off Admin status?
A: You can adjust a user's role in Admin > [Policy Name] > People by clicking the blue cog by their name

Q: Can we have two Co-Pilots?
A: Yes, there is no limitation to the co-pilots you can have.

Q: What is the difference between submit-only and full access co-pilot?
A: Full access would allow the CoPilot to approve if the user is an approver, if they are a Policy Admin a CoPilot would also see the Policy Settings.

Billing & Ownership

Q: Do only the admins see the billing info under profile?
A: Every user account has a billing section in case they want to use Expensify for their own personal or other business use.


Q: Can we connect to multiple QB files?
A: You can connect to one QuickBooks company file per policy, and you can create as many policies as you would like.

Q: Can we Match transactions in batch mode in qbo?
A: Needs writing (Domain control, non-reimbursables)

Q: I use Intacct and having trouble connecting. I have followed all the steps outlined in the help doc. Need some assistance
A: If you are connecting with the Master admin credentials and still having issues, plesae contact [email protected]

Q: Why when Expensify is downloading into Quickbooks why does the data come in as individual transactions instead of by categories or GL codes? We need a way to condense transactions into categories in QBs.
A: This is most likely because you have your configuration settings to have expenses export as journal entries. Can you check under the connections section and under configure of your company policy?


Q: Can I force a user to add comments when selecting a specific tag? For instance, entertainment expenses require documentation of who, title, what company they work for and what was the business purpose.
A: You can add category-specific rules such as mandatory comments, from Admin > [Policy Name] > Categories and clicking the blue cog.

Q: Could you go into more depth about configuring a multi step approval?
A: Here's a really great online guide which takes you through everything you need to know. The key thing is to be clear who is submitting to who, and that the Approves To column applies to where the reports go when the user Approves them. Not where the user's own reports go when approved.

Q: Is there an option to set a company wide approval flow versus having to set the same approval flow up multiple times for all the users individually?
A: You can import your workflow via CSV, which means you can easily copy the approvals from one row to another. Check out this help doc for details.

Q: I see the option to add custom fields to the report. What kinds of info is useful to add to the report form vs getting it via categories or tags?
A: This is really a judgment call - you could use the same info as with Tags, but a Report Field applies to the entire report rather than just one expense on the report.

Q: Our situation may be unusual. is there someone I can talk with to figure out the best way to set things up for us?
A: Absolutely, you can contact our Success Team on [email protected] - Be as descriptive and detailed as you can when you write in, and include the big-picture view of what you are trying to achieve.

Q: What is the 'Sync G Suite Now button (in the Company Sync)?
A: This is for GSuite users who want to import employees directly from GSuite

Q: When transferring from a 'test' Expensify, to using the Corporate for multiple employees & companies, should we use the 'test' account we currently have set up, or should we start entirely new? The employee we tested this with is also a Policy Admin - and it is not allowing me to choose any other role (Employee) for him.
A: You can take either approach. If you have done a lot of experimenting, you may want to start afresh. Your other question sounds very account-specific, please reach out to [email protected]!

Q: What are best practices once a report is approved/reimbursed and exported? Is it to simply close it?
A: You will just leave it as Approved/Reimbursed and you can filter these statuses out on your Reports page if you don't want to see them. However, you can join in the disussion about this here.

Q: How do we update the AMEX corporate links (if you use the Domain control-Corporate Credit Cards) if you do not see the charges coming through onto the reports?
A: Transactions should import as soon as they're posted at the Amex end, however you can do a manual update by hitting the Update All button in Admin > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards. If this doesn't work, please reach out to our team at [email protected]

Q: Do you know if your team has fixed the eReceipt issue yet of hotel charges with a credit card being brought into Expensify as an eReceipt? This seems to be a hiccup.
A: This is deliberate and related to tax law within the US. Note: Many banks do not provide complete or accurate category information, so we might at times mis-identify merchants and erroneously generate an invalid eReceipt for hotel purchases. Similarly, you are free to re-categorize expenses, possibly causing us to generate an invalid eReceipt for a purchase made at a hotel. In either case, our Expensify eReceipt Guarantee does not cover purchases of lodging at hotels and motels!

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