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Admin Webinar Q&A - 04 April 2018

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Setup Tasks

Q: Can I get a recording of this webinar?
A: Yes, you can stream it online here.

Q: Were the handouts emailed?
A: The resources were emailed and can be found online.

Q: Did you send a link to the help documents?
A: Yes, https://docs.expensify.com/

Q: I don't see "policy" under my company name.
A: If you don't have an Admin tab, you are not a Policy Admin. This means one of three things: You are in the wrong webinar, you have yet to set up your company's Policy, or you just need to have your Role changed to Policy Admin by a current Admin.


Q: Can I allow an employee to have more than one active, unsubmitted report?
A: Yes, they can submit as many reports as they would like.

Q: What's the fastest way to create an expense on the mobile app? We create an expense and then add receipt and take a picture.
A: The quickest way is to use the green camera icon from any page in the app. You can take the picture as soon as you get your receipt, and put then your phone away. We will do the rest. You can go back later and code the expense and make any adjustments such as splitting or altering the merchant name.

Q: Is it up to the employees to add a policy to the report?
A: A report will automatically default to the policy that they have been added too, as long as the company Policy is set as the Default in their Account Settings dropdown.

Q: Can employees generate reports of their own expenses?
A: Yes, it's up to users to create their own expense reports for submission and reimbursement or reconciliation.

Q: Can I search for expenses by tag for all employees?
A: Yes you can do this from the Expenses page

Q: How do I search expense report by employee name?
A: You can filter by Submitter on the Reports page.

Q: is "tag" GL account?
A: As a general rule, your GL accounts come through as Categories. Tags are usually for customer, job, location or other additional info.

Managing People

Q: If I add someone as a Co-pilot, do I need to also add them as a member on the policy level?
A: Yes, they have to be on the policy.

Q: How can admin not reject an expense but ask a question about the expense?
A: They can add a comment in the "report history" and comments section on the report. If you scroll down on the report you should be able to add a comment about the expense which will then notify your employee

Billing & Ownership

Q: Does it cost an additional seat to add a Co-pilot?
A: The person they are co-piloting into would be a charged active user


Q: Can you explain more about what it looks like to connect with QuickBooks online? What information goes into QuickBooks? How does this work if you are using a credit card with Expensify and QuickBooks
A: Here is a QBO demo video . We have the highest rated reviews for any expense solution on Intuit apps for QuickBooks. This is a real direct 1-1 integration.


Q: If you are managing a number of clients as an Approved! Accountant, how do you keep the bank account information separated?
A: You would add multiple Withdrawal accounts under your Account Settings

Q: If I upgrade to corporate level will I be able to use Domain control and pull in credit cards if credit cards have already been connected by individual colleagues?
A: Yes, the corporate plan will allow you to use domain control and use all those corporate level features.

Q: Do my colleagues have to disconnect from their cards first? Before I use domain control?
A: No, they can disconnect their cards from the personal settings after the corporate feed is set up. They can delete any resulting duplicates from their own account, leaving the corporate card feeds - these new centrally managed expenses are marked with a credit card/padlock icon, whereas regular card import transactions have a plan credit card icon.

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