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Admin Webinar Q&A - 10 April 2018

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Setup Tasks

Q: Can I get a recording of this webinar?
A: Yes, you can stream it online.

Q: How do you change the original goal of a policy for instance instead of submit receipts, track expenses?
A: This terminology form the Inbox actually refers to the kind of Policy you have i.e. Free vs Team vs Corporate! You can upgrade or downgrade from the Admin tab.

Q: How do you add receipts?
A: Receipts are generally added from the mobile app of Expensify by taking a photo of your receipt. Email receipts can be forwarded to [email protected]

Q: I have an employee that just signed up on our policy and submitted an expense on his phone. Concierge said it would submit it, however it has not come through.
A: Concierge says 'you can put your phone away' but this means you don't have to wait to finish SmartScanning. Users still need to add the expense to a report, unless you have set up Scheduled Submit.

Q: Does the approver have reminders of tasks to be performed ?
A: The user's inbox will show all tasks which need to be undertaken, and when it comes to things like approving a report, the user will also be emailed dependent on their notification settings.

Q: Is there an alert for the inbox, or do I have to periodically sign in to check?
A: The inbox will act as your checklist for Expensify, so I always recommend keeping tabs on this. However, we do send an email notification anytime something needs your attention. You can check your email preferences in your account settings by clicking the portrait icon in the upper right hand corner of your account.


Q: Scanning receipts takes a lot of time. How could we speed up the process?
A: Because SmartScan is optimized for accuracy over speed, times can vary depending on the current system load. When you SmartScan an expense, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for your scan to complete. Just make sure you SmartScan your receipt as soon as you get it, instead of holding on to it, and that’ll get the process started early so it's ready to go when you are! No need to keep the app open as SmartScan will continue to work once you exit the app. Check out this help doc to learn more about how SmartScan works.
If a SmartScan does not complete within 24 hours, please stop the SmartScan by clicking 'Stop' on the receipt. You can then re-start the scan by clicking 'SmartScan' or manually enter the expense details.

Q: Can we SmartScan several documents even if we don't have the outcome of the first ones?
A: Yes, as many as you would like.

Q: Why does the smartscan function not support European receipts?
A: SmartScan will use your location (based on your location services being enabled) to ascertain where you are in order to set the currency and date format. The total will then be converted back to the default currency on your Policy. SmartScan can read the Latin alphabet, so you may have issues with other alphabets such as Cyrillic or Mandarin. If you are still having issues, you may want to check your location services are enabled.

Q: What is the best way as an Admin to get rid of duplicate or incorrect expenses?
A: A user will need to delete expenses from their own account, but you could do this with CoPilot access.

Q: We have dupe expenses. Is there any way to get rid of them?
A: If a user has accidentally SmartScanned twice, they can delete the duplicate. If it's due to a Corporate Card being added twice, you can add them to a report. change the Policy to '(none)' and close.

Q: Can you switch policies on reports that have already been approved? if so will they require re-approval?
A: To change a Policy, the report will need to be reopened and yes, reapproved. If the Policy uses a different coding system or different rules, you may also adjust the expenses before resubmitting.

Q: Can the admin see who has approved which report? We have multiple approvers.
A: Yes, an admin can see who approved the report in the report history and comments section. This will be toward the bottom of the report when you click into it.

Q: How do you change the policy for a report?
A: The policy can be modified in the upper right hand corner of the report.

Q: Can I search for a specific tag from the reports screen or only expenses tab filters?
A: This must be done from your expenses page.

Managing People

Q: Is there a fee for the banking reimbursement?
A: No, Expensify does not charge extra for ACH reimbursement

Q: If you terminate an employee and you delete them from Expensify, do their old reports go away?
A: No, the reports will still remain in case you ever need to grab them or check the history. Note: If you use Domain Control, deleting an employee will remove them from Expensify completely. If you don't, removing them from a Policy will still leave their personal account active.

Billing & Ownership

Q: Do Admins and approvers get billed as users if they do not submit reports or is it only those that submit reports get charged as users?
A: An Active User is anyone who takes an action on a Report, this includes Approving a report.

Q: If you change the admin and billing emails, will those changes need to be authorized? The person who set this up is no longer with the company and I want to do clean up.
A: You will need to be a Policy Admin to change the Billing Owner and Admin contact.

Q: How do I change the billing owner for a policy?
A: Any Policy Admin can go to the Policy and click 'Take Ownership'.

Q: As the policy admin am I able to pay for all the employees in one billing?
A: Yes, of course. You can just add the billing card on file under your account settings and this will account for all users. If you have multiple Policies at your company, you will want to be the Billing Owner for all of them.


Q: Do copies of the receipts flow over to Bill.com or can you only see the receipts in Expensify?
A: We export a link to receipt image.

Q: So to see the receipt we can simply click on the link and it will show it to us. So is it easier to be in Expensify and approve the expense report versus in Bill.com?
A: Yes absolutely, it's simpler to do everything expense related then export to Bill.com. If you integrate with accounting software, you'll want to check out this article.

Q: Does Expensify support Docupeak linkage?
A: For a list of current integration partners, please see the Expensify Integrations page.

Q: If you update your chart of accounts, can you do a new import?
A: Yes, you can Sync the connection to pull in a new chart of accounts. However, if a Report contains categories which no longer align with your GL, you will need to adjust before exporting.

Q: If you "deactivate" accounts, and they are not in the new import, are they removed from Expensify so users will no longer be able to select those accounts?
A: Yes, only active accounts will sync into Expensify for use.

Q: Can you link employee claims into particular nominal employee expense accounts on your financial ledger?
A: Yes, you can. We can import your GL structure into Expensify to apply the correct coding by line item expense.

Q: Thanks - I use Xero, can you direct me to the relevant help?
A: You can find all things Xero here.

Q: Also, can you link employee credit cards?
A: Yes you can. If you would like these to map back to your GL in Xero, you'll want to use Domain Control

Q: I am noticing when I sync with Quickbooks, many of the transactions are coming up as dupes in Quickbooks.
A: You may want to check that you're not using both AutoSync and manual export. If you use AutoSync, the report will automatically export upon Final Approval. If you subsequently also hit 'Export To', you will end up with duplicates.


Q: Where does Expensify gets the day's exchange rate between currencies?
A: We use the open daily exchange rate, which uses the daily trading average.

Q: My team does a lot of international travel, can you touch on if the charge is not in USD?
A: The original expense amount will be displayed in the currency it was incurred, however for the purposes of reporting, it will be converted to match the Policy's default currency.

Q: When assigning company cards under domain control (for the purpose of loading in missing expenses) how long does it take for the expenses to sync and what should you do if they are not loading?
A: Bank feeds are updated every night, so once an expense posts to your credit card account it should come in the next day.
However, if you manually update your card feed at any time during the day, your feed won't update again that same night. So, if you've manually updated, you could be waiting up to 48 hours for the next automatic update.

Q: When you manually update, when will expenses show in Expensify?
A: As soon as you update, the transactions should populate right away to your Expenses page. Keep in mind we pull in the transactions once they post to the credit card. Pending transactions will not import.

Q: So what should you do if you manually update and expenses from the previous month do not populate right away?
A: Please reach out to [email protected] to get this issue resolved. Our Success Team will be able to look into your account and see what the case is. In the meantime, you can also manually import the expenses from a CSV.

Q: How do you "deactivate" old policies if they are no longer used, but you don't want to delete them?
A: There is no way to deactivate a policy. You can however remove all users from the policy (other than yourself) so they don't use that one moving forward.

Q: If you delete a policy, all history is lost, correct?
A: Yes. The reports will remain and be 'Not Shared', but they will be uneditable.

Q: Will all ACH reimbursements take 6 days to get deposited in to the submitters account?
A: By default, Rapid Reimbursement has a daily limit of $100 per deposit account, and $10,000 per withdrawal account. If either limit is reached, processing times can be closer to the 4-5 business days typical for ACH deposits.

Q: It took 6 days for a $123.66 deposit to process, does that mean it is a $100 deposit limit for the submitter and a 10k withdrawal for the reimburser?
A: Yes, that's correct! You can find more information on reimbursement here.

Q: Can you tie a credit card to have the activity pull directly into the system?
A: Yes, you can! When you import a credit card via Account Settings > Credit Card Import, expenses will be created for those transactions on your Expenses page. We will also merge your SmartScanned receipts with credit card transactions, and add your expenses to reports based on how you have set up Scheduled Submit.

Q: Do you have to import each month?
A: If you have your credit card account connected with Expensify, this will happen every night. If you want to use a CSV import, you can dictate the timeframe.

Q: Is there a way to clean up very old open reports that are not needed or wrong?
A: You can remove any expenses that are in an open state. A report that has already been submitted and is in a processing or approved state can not be deleted. You can reject the approved or processing reports to put them back in an open state and you should see a trash can icon within the report. If you cannot delete them, you can adjust your filters to make them less visible.

Q: How do you set up a date range for expense reports?
A: With Scheduled Submit you can set it to create, collect and submit reports on a regular basis.

Q: How can Expensify be used to deal with petty cash receipts?
A: Expensify is designed to handle employee expenses, however if you have one employee 'in charge' of the general petty cash/credit card, they could manage this in their own Expensify account.

Q: What are the differences when it's a domain control account?
A: The key differences are how people and credit card transactions are managed. Here's an online guide.

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