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Admin Webinar Q&A - 11 April 2018

RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 811 Expensify Success Coach

Setup Tasks

Q: Is the webinar being recorded?
A: Yes, you can stream it online.

Q: Do you have any webinars for beginners?
A: Yes, we have a regular user training webinar!


Q: What is the "re-bill expenses to clients" and "default to billable" tab mean in Expenses?
A: This is when you are on-charging costs to your clients, such as parking or disbursements. You would have this on by default if most of your expenses are billable to your clients.

Q: If this is just for reimbursements what should the option be?
A: If you use Expensify predominantly for reimbursing staff, you will want your default to be 'default new cash expenses to reimbursable' and 'Billable' disabled.

Q: If we have our workers link their company credit cards to their accounts in Expensify, will there be any problems if they also upload their receipts?
A: This is exactly how it should work - their SmartScanned receipts will automatically merge with imported card transactions, so that you end up with card transaction + receipt.

Q: With connected cards, will employees still be prompted to fill in required fields for approval?
A: Yes absolutely, and you can set certain fields to be mandatory such as categories and tags.

Q: Can you compare submit expense reports vs. employees have corporate credit cards- where we are collecting receipts for credit card charges
A: If you have a combination of the expense types on one report, you can distinguish between cash, credit card and corporate credit card, as each shows a different icon. You can also mark the expenses as reimbursable or non-reimbursable. You can keep the expenses types separate if you need to, but it's easiest to combine them all - the reimbursable total will be displayed on the report in red.

Q: Can the approver - fix or correct the GL account or does the approver have to reject?
A: The Policy Admin can adjust the coding while the report is in the 'processing stage' if the user has selected the wrong category or tags.

Q: How can the employee compare his receipts to the credit card activity for a typical month cycle?
A: They can set up and import under their personal settings, or you can import corporate cards in Domain Control. These will auto-merge with cash receipts.

Q: Is there a reconciliation process the employee can go through when using company credit cards?
A: You simply set up a card import via account settings, or Domain Control, then SmartScan the receipts. The two will merge automatically.

Q: For instance, to identify a missing receipt they forgot to scan or a possible fraud charge?
A: You can see very quickly if a receipt was manually entered and not smartscanned, and you can also see if it has merged with a credit card expense or if it's simply 'cash'.

Managing People

Q: What does it mean if one of your accounts is in a continuous loop?
A: This means that your Approval Workflow is set with an approver submitting to their own submitted e.g. person A submitting to person B submitting to person C who submits to person A.

Q: I'm in the people section and I tried to link Gusto.
A: We have a great guide to Gusto here.

Q: Approve and forward or final approve how do we make sure there is no final approve option for a manager?
A: You can lock down the workflow in the People tab on your Policy.

Q: Can Admin disable the options to add a Copilot?
A: No they cannot - this is controlled by the user. But the copilot must be on the Policy.


Q: How do company card transactions feed into the company's ERP? I'm assuming the card will need to be paid, through company's ERP system.
A: You can export expenses to a CSV, or you can integrate certain software. Simply go to Admin > [Policy Name] > Connections to see what can be connected.

Q: What actually triggers the update of QBO with approved expenses?
A: When you hit the 'Export To' button, or if you use Auto Sync this will happen upon Final Approval.

Q: Can third parties report expenses in specific category/tag automatically? i.e. without employees having to report their expenses?
A: You can see all available integrations in Admin > [Policy Name] > Connections . Users can also import from CSV.

Q: We are merging with another company that uses the same Quickbooks online application. I won't have separate login info, just company login....does Expensify support multi entities on same platform
A: Yes, you can set up a Policy per entity.

Q: I want to see the actual vendor name from our company credit card instead of the payer coming through as credit card misc in QuickBooks Online. How do I adjust for this?
A: When exporting non-reimbursable expenses to QuickBooks as Credit Card transactions, if the merchant name in Expensify matches the vendor listed in QuickBooks, the expenses will be mapped to the vendor (note: the names must be an exact, case-sensitive match). If they do not match, the expenses will export as Credit Card Misc.

Q: So the names that the vendor appears as in Expensify from non reimbursable is what comes through from the bank right? So I'd have to update the names in Quickbooks to match the name the bank records as the merchant name?
A: Your users can set a rule to rename a merchant in their account settings. e.g. McDonalds to McDonald's.


Q: Can you please show us how to link a corporate credit card to Expensify. We were shown how to connect to Quickbooks/Accounting software, but where do you start for a credit card feed?
A: This is done via Domain Control.

Q: How do you reimburse employees outside the USA and Australia?
A: Generally expenses are reimbursed manually by a wire transfer/bank transfer, and then manually marked as reimbursed by the Admin.

Q: When creating expense report, is there any area for tax amount?
A: Yes there is - you just need to enable Tax Tracking.

**Q: Is using automatic statement reporting best practice for reconciling each month
A: We have an awesome new company card rec dashboard - check this out.

Q: Can the admin attach a company credit card to an employee?
A: Yes, you can do this via Domain Control.

Q: Can you set up a partial per diem? If one of our service guys works just half a day, we would pay him just 1/2 per diem (nothing smaller, no fractional days).
A: I would set up a half-day rate per diem to use in this situation.

Q: If an employee submits a USD receipt, but we want to reimburse in CAD, are we able to set up reimbursements to be made in CAD? And will Expensify be able to pick up the US receipt?
A: You can set the default currency on the Policy, and all expenses will be converted back to this and be reimbursed in this currency.

Q: Would SmartScan be able to pick up the currency?
A: Yes, as long as it's marked clearly or location services are on. For example, in the US, Australia and NZ we all use 'dollars' and SmartScan picks it up perfectly. It's with noting that SmartScan only uses the Latin alphabet so receipts in other alphabets e.g. Japanese, Mandarin, Cyrillic may have unexpected results.

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