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Hi all!
I have a client that has both debit and credit cards. The credit cards I have added under Domain Control and mapped to the appropriate credit card liability accounts in their accounting system (QBO). We were unable to successfully connect the debit cards, so we are doing a manual .csv upload of those transactions on a regular basis into Expensify.

My question is regarding my Policy setup. I have set up 1 Policy for all the transactions. Since the credit cards are mapped to the appropriate credit card liability accounts in Domain control, I assumed, once exported they would map to that account. In my Connection Configuration, within the Policy, I have set all non-reimbursable transactions to map to the Checking account (I'm operating under the assumption that all non-reimbursable transactions would be debit card transactions). However, now I am seeing ALL non-reimbursable expenses sync into the checking account (even the corporate cards mapped in domain controll to the liability accounts.

How would you recommend I set up my policy to avoid this issue?

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    Hi @EByer (and @Ted_Peeters FYI),

    I have been discussing this with one of our QBO experts, and what it comes down to is that if you use company cards in Domain Control, you can't have a mix of Debit and Credit cards, as the export is still looking back at the export option in the connection configuration.

    So there are two options:
    1. You create a 'credit card' account in QBO which can be used for the debit cards, and you change the non-reimbursable export default to Credit Card and select this new account as the default. Probably not ideal, but a workaround.
    2. You have two policies, one for debit cards, using the debit card export setting, and one for credit cards, using the credit card export setting. This is best practice.

    Do you have users who use both options? Or do the users user either/or?