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filtering by categories and policies doesn't work

giorgiogiorgio Posts: 1

Whenever I filter by categories, only a few apparently random expenses of that category show up. The rest don't, even though their category is correctly marked.
This can be fixed by uncategorize that expense and re assigning the category, a solution that would take too long for all the expenses. Especially because there is no way of seeing which expense doesn't get indexed in their relative category.

Something similar happens to policies. "All policies" correctly show all the expenses, but "none" and "taxes" (the one and only in my account) return no expenses. Where does "all policies" get all the results then? Shouldn't "all policies" be a sum of all policies? (in my case just one?).

I'm having a real hard time understanding this. Please help.


  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 215 admin

    Hi @giorgio can you provide an example? i.e. a category which has X amount but only shows Z amount, so that I can take a look please?

    '(none)' means expenses with no Policy applied. So those won't show up when you select 'All policies' because they're not associated with any Policy. Is is possible you have some on a long since deleted Policy? These would show as 'Not Shared' but are still seen as being on a Policy.

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