Is it possible to merge reports?

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How do I merge/combine reports? For instance someone submitted expenses at different times on the app and it automatically created multiple reports. I need to combine and submit them as one.

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    UPDATE: A customer has created an Idea thread for merging reports. If you'd like to see the functionality added please visit here and vote in favor of the feature!

    I don't believe an Idea has been posted for merging reports. If you think this would be beneficial for you and other Expensify users, please add your thoughts and use case as a discussion post in the Idea category.

    @tstickney -- This is a great question which @Aussiebandit provided a perfectly correct answer to. There is not a way to merge reports in Expensify, but there are a few easy ways to transfer expenses between reports when you need to combine them.

    The first would be from the expense details at the line item level. In the details, you can quickly assign an expense to any existing report, and then use the arrow in the top right to move to the next expense on the report. (Below)

    Another option is to delete one of the two reports you need to combine. Then, from the 'Expenses' tab, you'd check the box to the left of each Unreported or Open expense you want to add to the existing report and click 'Add to Report'. (Below)


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    I drew up some screenshots of how this could work on my idea post here:

    Love to get your thoughts and ideas. Also, I have no idea how a person would vote for this feature so if anyone knows, that would be great.