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I have multiple companies that I own and want to track expenses separately. Can I have two accounts accessible on my Expensify mobile app?

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @Wolf200 - thanks for posting here in the community! There's a few ways you could go about tracking expenses for multiple companies in Expensify.

    We'd advise first and foremost making use of multiple Policies; one for each entity which you could then use to report expenses separately but within the same account.

    This method is useful because each policy can:
    1. Be connected to different accounting integrations or different entities/companies within the accounting integration
    2. Have their own specific Categories, Tags, Report Fields, Workflow etc
    3. Be subject to its own individual Scheduled Submit and Violation rules (as well as plenty more company specific customizations you might wish to automate.)
    4. As long as the user(s) within each policy is the same, you won't be billed for more usage - just for the one user with a billable action on any of the policies.

    Other than that, if you're really just looking to use completely different profiles, you could try adding the less frequently used Users as Copilot's. The only downside with this method is that you'll likely end up paying for multiple users when you don't need to!

    If you'd like to go into more detail about how exactly you're setup and what you'd like to get out of Expensify though, add a comment below and we can provide some more in-depth advice. :smile: