odometer pictures disappear???

Can anyone explain after the last update why the mileage picture of an odometer disappear if you don't complete the ending mileage on the same day the beginning mileage is logged? Example I drove to the airport on 4/23 to fly out of town and logged my beginning mileage and took a picture of it. Because of traffic I was running late and did not get to add the ending mileage and get a picture of it before heading into the airport to catch my flight. When I get back on Thursday evening I plan to take a picture of my ending mileage and finish that entry into Expensify. I also was starting my mileage for 4/26 as well (after ending that from 4/23) and the 4/23 entry was NO LONGER THERE! This never used to happen. I would hope an adjustment can be made to the program so this can be brought back.


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