"Export to Financial Force" gives an error

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Hi All,
After 2 weeks of back and forth with multiple support people and no results, my last hope is to get an answer in here.
I am trying to Export an expense of an employee into Financial Force, and getting the error message below.
I was advised to check the Account in Salesforce and validate it. I did. It is valid (see the screenshot) but the error message in Expensify is still there.
I don't have any other validation rules on the Account in SF. I don't even have a field called credit terms. I am having difficulties understanding what exactly credit terms on the Account means in that error message.
I was also advised to complete our Billing info in Expensify coz we used a trial version. The trial got extended and I even signed up and provided credit card info, hoping I could complete the full process of exporting invoices into FFA. No luck there either.

I hope someone else had the same error and will be able to advise anything. Thank you very much!

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @Olgita - Welcome to the Community!

    Can you please open (in FFA) the account that's selected on the report and click validate vendor? That should tell you what fields you're missing - it's either base date, days offset, or currency.

    Let me know how you go.

    Edit: I see you have tried this a couple of times, so let us all put our heads together. I'm sure Karisa will respond asap.

  • Nicole Trepanier
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    Hi @Olgita. Can you also confirm that the fields Base Date 1 and Days Offset 1 are filled in on this vendor. Another thing to watch out for is if there are non-reimbursable expenses on the report. In this case, we will be looking at the account that's selected as the default vendor in your configuration. For reimbursable expenses, the account is the one tied to the contact record that has the same email as the report submitter. Let us know if this helps!