Bring back Evernote integration

Giles1972Giles1972 Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Hi there - I was surprised to see that you don't offer Evernote integration - but you used to - why did you remove this feature - is there a chance you might reinstate it? Many Thanks Giles


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,763 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @Giles1972, welcome and thanks for posting! We discontinued support for the Evernote integration mainly due to lack of demand.

    Restoring the integration is not currently on our roadmap, but with enough demand it could be something we do bring back. To gauge demand, I'd recommend creating an Idea post in the community. An idea post offers other customers to the chance to vote for a feature or functionality to be supported.

    You can find the Idea category here, or you can jump straight into sharing your idea here. Don't forget to vote for your own idea!

  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 365 Expensify Success Coach

    In addition, our old Evernote integration was working until Evernote updated their UI and removed our ability to connect. We looked into building a brand new integration but with very little demand for this integration we decided not to pursue it.

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