Can I change the currency in a report already completed

Cindy_UICC Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

An employee has compiled a whole report on his free version of Expensify outside my policy. He did it in EUR but I need to receive it in USD. Is there a way to change the currency without having to redo the whole report ?

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  • rclark
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    If he hasn't submitted it yet, he can go into the report and click the little pencil on the left to edit the report. Select all of the expenses and a button will appear that reads: Edit Multiple. After clicking that, he will then be able to change the currency for all of them at once.

    If he's already submitted his report but you haven't approved it, you can reject it so he can make the changes. If you have approved it already, there's a button to unapprove. I hope this helps!