We’re currently making some incredible improvements to SmartScan! During this time, you may experience delays of up to 24 hours for receipts completing SmartScan. This should be a short-term inconvenience that results in significant improvements to both SmartScan processing times and accuracy going forward. Thank you for your patience and please accept our apologies in advance! 

Check out the updated New Expense button in your account!

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The Expensify team is always working to improve the expense creation flow for our customers. To make the process easier for you, our design team has just created a shinier than ever New Expense button in your Expensify account. Check this beauty out:

Now we will list multiple options for expense creation under one single menu when you click on the New Expense button on your Expenses page. Please note that the menu displayed is dynamic and the options will show up according to the settings you have configured in your account. For example, if Time/Per Diem are disabled in your Expensify account, then you will be unable to choose those options when creating a new expense.

The same rule applies to our SmartScan feature. If SmartScan is disabled in your account, then you will see the following New Expense button instead:

The new design brings simplicity and consistency to the expense creation flow on the web app and provides users with what they want in fewer clicks. Exciting, huh?

Now go ahead and enjoy the extra time you just got!

You can find more information on how to Create Expenses on this help doc here.

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