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I get the following response when I try to load expenses on behalf of employees
I am Admin

{"responseMessage":"Not authorized to authenticate as user","responseCode":401}


curl -X POST '' \
    -d 'requestJobDescription={
            "partnerUserID": "aa_accounts_company_com",
            "partnerUserSecret": "1234567890987654321abc"
            "transactionList": [
                    "created": "2018-05-01",
                    "currency": "ZAR",
                    "merchant": "E TRAVEL                NEWLANDS",
                    "amount": 1253,
                    "policyID": "760D782BC0CE2AB0",

                    "created": "2018-05-02",
                    "currency": "ZAR",
                    "merchant": "Name of merchant 2",
                    "amount": 2211,
                    "policyID": "760D782BC0CE2AB0"
                    "created": "2018-05-07",
                    "currency": "ZAR",
                    "merchant": "Name of merchant 3",
                    "amount": 443,
                    "policyID": "760D782BC0CE2AB0"

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @Mads - just checking in here to make sure everything is back on track now that we've hopefully set you up:

    to load expenses on behalf of employees.

    To note: access to the Expense Creator API on behalf of employees requires some set-up from Expensify as we're required to:

    1. Make sure you're set up correctly, (using Domain Control, are a Domain Admin, are a Policy Admin etc...)
    2. Validate you are authorized internally to add data to other accounts on your domain.

    If this is something you need, please reach out to (and feel free to reference this Community Post too, so we know where you came from!)

    Once we've verified this, we create a request for our engineering team to allow the access you need. This can typically take 2-3 working days, although it may be faster!

    Once that's completed, we'll reach back out and you should be good to go like @Mads here!