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Webinar Q&A - 22 May 2018

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Setup Tasks

Where do I find the notes?
You can access them here.

Is this being recorded?
Yes, you can stream it online here.

How long do closed reports remain stored in Expensify?
Forever! We do not delete data in users accounts.

Where can I find a basic explanation of what a policy is?
A policy is where you create expense rules, define approval workflows, manage integrations, configure reimbursements, etc. To learn more about Policy Types, check out this article.

Will the Admin button show up on an employee account?
Nope, it's only visible for Policy Admins!


What steps do I take as the admin, to add an employee who is given a company credit card and needs to submit expense reports on a monthly basis?
There are a few different ways to accomplish this. Please take a look at this help doc for more information.

Can you make a policy for the credit card sync?
Card expenses can be submitted under any Policy. If you would like different policies for different card types, for reporting purposes, you can certainly set this up.

Is it possible to require more than one tag per expense? Or add a third level of detail?
You can only add one of each tag type, but you can have more than one type of tag. The tags you have will depend on whether you are adding them manually or importing from your accounting system.

Can users submit expense reports on others' behalves? Whether that's fellow employees or outside vendors or people like candidates who have expenses related to recruitment?
For employees, they can have a CoPilot create and submit reports on their behalf. For candidates, please take a look at this doc for more info.

If I'm an assistant and I manage expense reports for my manager, is it possible for me to submit reports on their behalf? for reimbursements to go directly to them if I do that?
You can do this as a CoPilot.

What is the difference between the mileage amount under an account vs. under a policy?
Policy settings will generally override personal settings. Mileage rates can be updated by following Admin > [Policy Name] > Expenses > Distance section. If you find that your mileage rates are not appearing as a default, make sure that you have defaulted to the correct policy under your Account Settings.

What are eReceipts?
Expensify Guaranteed eReceipts (US only) can be imported directly from your bank account — this means you can ignore paper receipts entirely, no typing and no SmartScanning required.
These are full digital replacements of their paper equivalents for purchases of $75 or less. eReceipts are only provided for automatically imported transactions that are in US Dollars. Also, we can’t provide an eReceipt for purchases on lodging, for example at hotels and motels. NB: eReceipt images do not export to accounting systems.

What is the difference between a reimbursed report and a closed report?
A reimbursed report means that the report was either reimbursed to the user via ACH or outside of Expensify. A closed report doesn't require further actions.

Once an expense line is rejected can it be resubmitted in the same report?
Yep! The submitter will have the option to correct the expense and re-submit it.

How does Scheduled Submit work? Is this a date that report can only be submitted?
Nope! Scheduled Submit allows you to set the schedule by which you can expect reports to be auto-submitted. A user can still submit the report before the auto-submit date if they like.

Managing People

If we enable the reimbursement option, does it automatically reimburse employees immediately or do we have an option to reimburse all expenses once a week?
You can choose either option. As a policy admin, you can adjust the automatic reimbursement settings for your policy by going to Admin > [Policy Name] > Reimbursement and scrolling down to Manual Reimbursement. From there, you can set a maximum amount for which you'll allow reports to be automatically reimbursed. Take a look at this help doc for more info on manual reimbursement.

How do you pay to the employees?
You can reimburse your employees directly through Expensify through ACH (US or Australia only), or you can reimburse outside of Expensify and mark reports as manually reimbursed.

Is there a place we can lock down the approval or submission of expense reports if the Banking Information is incomplete?
No there isn't. If you have ACH reimbursement enabled and your employee does not have an account set up, the report can still be final approved but it will not reimburse until they add an account.

If someone is listed as Reimbursed but have not yet set up their ACH information, can we go in and change it to manual reimbursement instead?
Yes! You can definitely mark the report as manually reimbursed.

Can you go over how to remind employees of a deadline for submission?
Users should see what reports are waiting for their actions in their Inbox tab. They should also receive emails reminding of actions to be taken if preferences are set in their Account Settings.

Can you mark multiple reports as reimbursed at once?
If you select the reports and click "Bulk-Actions", you will see the option to Approve which will trigger reimbursement. To mark as manually reimbursed, you'll need to do this report by report.

Can you hide employees who no longer work for the company, without deleting their history?
Users will show up in the People section list unless their accounts are deleted.
Removing a user from a policy will not affect their expense or report data, however, admins will only be able to see reports created on the policy they manage.

Can an employee account be deleted upon termination by an Admin?
Yes, for more information on removing users check this help doc.

If we want to ACH reimburse employees, I assume they need to individually enter their bank account info? Also what is the cost of ACH reimbursement?
That's correct! The employee will need to enable a Deposit account in their personal account settings. There's no additional cost for the use of ACH!

Can I turn an employee account into an admin account?
Yep! You can change a user's role here: Admin > [Policy Name] > People

Billing & Ownership

On the topic of billing, does Expensify charge dynamically (so on the active users) or the cost per user is for everyone who has access, continuously regardless of how many reports they submit? Do admin users who wouldn't be claiming expenses also have to pay for a license?
That all depends on the billing model you choose. You can find this info here.

Could you confirm what defines an 'active user' as per your pricing screen?
We define any report action as an activity. So within a given month, if a user's account has taken actions such as creating or submitting a report, approving expenses, exporting or issuing reimbursements, they’re considered an active user.

Are we billed per month for a person who does not submit a report in that month?
This depends on whether you have an annual subscription (potentially yes) or are on flex billing (no).


Is there a reason that you cannot export billable to expenses to Quickbooks online? I have run into this issue in the past.
You certainly should be able to! Please reach out to [email protected] if you're having issues with your integration.

Could you demonstrate when we export reports to a CSV file for our Finance system, how do we ensure we don't export previously exported items to avoid duplication?
Exported reports will show an export icon on the Reports page. Please find more information on CSV export here.

How do you set up and manage two company policies for two companies and synch this up? Do we need two Sync Managers? We have QB desktop, not online.
You can sync more than one Policy using the same token in the Sync Manager. You will need to have a single Expensify account as an admin on all policies. All connections will be created from this Expensify account but other admins on the policy can sync the connection and export reports as long as the correct company file is open and the Expensify Sync Manager is running.

Is there any way you can cover importing into QuickBooks Desktop?
This isn't something we can address here in this Webinar. However, you can get help with any issues by reaching out to us at [email protected] We also have a comprehensive guide online.


Are we able to set up multiple expense report approvers?
Yes, you can! Please find more information on approval workflow here.

Can we look at the formulas involved in submitting reports? I would like to understand how to use those.
You can find the full list of possible custom formulas available for use here.

So is enabled scheduled submit with "manual" selected the same as disabling it all together?
This would still automatically add your expenses to the most recent open report you have, however you would need to manually submit them.

Can you have as many policies as you like?
Yes, you can! Just make sure that the billing owner is the same for all policies and you will only be billed a singular rate for active users across all policies.

How would you set up two businesses & personal for tracking expenses?
You can set up multiple policies to separate business and personal expenses.

Can you set categories up to only appear for a specific group of employees to select from? i.e. External Entertaining would only appear to someone in the Sales team?
Whatever categories you enable within a policy, will be available to "all" users within any given policy. If you want to separate category access based on employees, then you will need to separate the employees into different policies. For example, Operations staff would have one policy, Engineering staff another, and so forth.

When uploading users to Expensify on setup, can you add the 'approver' field in the CSV rather than manually enter it for each user one by one?
Yes, you can! Check out this help doc for more information on inviting employees to your policy.

Can we set two different mileage rates? One for company vehicles and one for personal vehicles?
Only one mileage rate can be set per policy. However, if you need to use multiple mileage rates, you can create one policy for each rate, and there is no additional cost for multiple policies owned by the same user.

Can you go over how to differentiate your personal expense account vs. the company account? Meaning, I do not know where my bank info for my personal expenses should go & how that will affect everything? Right now the company accounts are all under my name/account? I need to be able to submit & receive reimbursement as an employee. I am also the administrator. Can you please tell me where I put my personal account information?
For Reimbursement, a company withdrawal account will be labelled with the "Withdrawal Account" label, while the deposit account will be labelled with the "Deposit Account" label. For Expenses, each user can connect personal or company cards under their personal settings. However, if these are centrally managed corporate cards used by multiple users, you may want to explore Domain Control.

Can two accounts be merged?
Yes, please find instructions here.

Can you discuss "automatic downloading" of credit card activity from one's bank into Expensify?
Check this help doc for all the info about that.

Do company card expenses go to a different report than employee cash or personal card expenses? Can we have different policies for those?
You can choose how to handle this. You can manage all expenses on one Policy, or create separate Policies.

I actually meant business expenses on a personal card (or cash) v. company card. do these all go to the same report?
Yes, you can flag individual expenses as reimbursable/non-reimbursable on one report.

When creating policies, it is ok to organize this by department? i.e. sales, marketing, finance?
Yes, that's what we recommend! This will help you keep information separated and apply specific rules to different departments.

Can we limit domain control to 1-2 people and not allow managers access?
When you have Domain Control you can have certain Domain Admins vs Domain Members. Policy Admins are not automatically Domain Admins.

When is ACH reimbursement coming to Canada?
We are looking into expanding our reimbursement options to banks outside of US and Australia, but I do not yet have an ETA when this would become available.

Can I do all admin functions in the mobile app?
No, the mobile app is designed to complement the web app, and is designed more for employee use on the go. To see the full array of admin functionality use the web app.

We are an agency who bills back 99% of our expenses to clients. Where is the best area to list client names to ID each report?
Clients are generally added as Tags. If using an Accounting Integration, you can sync your Customers and Jobs with your policy, and code your expenses with the appropriate Customer.

Can you explain travel under Policies?
Please take a look at this help doc.

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