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Webinar Q&A - 23 May 2018

RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 943Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Success Coach

Setup Tasks

Where do I get the handouts?
You can find the resources for this webinar online.

Can I get the recording?
Yes, you can stream it online here.

Can you generate a printed version of documents at docs.expensify.com?
You're better to use them on screen because they're updated very regularly. You don't want an out of date manual!

Where can employees find directions for submitting expenses?
Here's a brilliant guide - also check out the webinar section on the Community for an employee training link.

This webinar is moving a bit fast for me, I am brand new today to Expensify. Is there a very basic place I should start learning? I am an accountant and I have a client who wants me to learn how to use this from the admin & employee side. Do you have any advice how to start getting the full hang of this?
I'd start by working through this guide. we also have this guide specifically for Approved! Accountants.


Do you support other currencies?
Smartscan will pick up anything in the Latin alphabet. Turn on location services on mobile to pick up the correct country. and you can set the output currency on the Policy.

Who manages the FX rates? Or does the employee convert it manually?
We use open exchange rates using the day's trading average. See all about currency here.

Is there a way to setup Expensify so vendors can submit their bills to a particular email? such as [email protected]? If so, would I need to make a separate policy or work flow?
Expensify is for Expense Management not Accounts Payable. i.e. the bills will already be paid. The only Vendors will be your employees who need to be reimbursed.

If an employee submits an expense report with a wrong policy, can you change the policy for them?
Yes, as the Policy Admin you can change the Policy on the report as long as it's still in the Processing stage. Though you may need to re-code all the expenses if the categories are different between policies. To help you educate your team, I recommend you reject the report and get the user to do it themselves.

If you change the policy for them, will Expensify be able to tell you which expenses are now out of policy?
Yes, you will get violations.

Managing People

So if I add our withdrawal account from my account, will that be able to be managed by other admins in our company?
Yes, you can share the withdrawal account with them.

Why would I want a CoPilot when I can just add that person as another admin?
An Admin can only see expenses associated with the Policy they are an admin of. Only the user can see Unreported expenses. So a CoPilot would also see these unreported expenses.

Billing & Ownership

If I connect my employees via domain am I billed by person in the domain or by user activity per month?
Still by active user. Domain control just controls the user.

Can you have multiple credit cards charged? A card per policy?
The bill will go to the 'billing owner' for the policy. We recommend you pay for them all on one card to minimize the billing as active users are combined. If you have separate billing you could end up paying for the same user twice.

Here's what I'm not following. These would all be billed separately. Not necessarily under me as a billing owner. So how is that managed?
The Policy owner pays the Expensify bill. How you on-charge this to your clients is up to you.


Can you have QuickBooks account numbers show up under Categories?
Yes, but you need to include the account code in the name of the category on the QuickBooks side for it to pull through.

My customers have QuickBooks Online & want to connect with Expensify, where should I go to start learning about that?
Here's a great place to start - read through thoroughly before you begin, and then work through the steps.

When integrating with NetSuite, how do tags import? Do these show up as custom fields?
It depends what tags you have chosen to import. The NetSuite integration allows for NetSuite Customers, Projects, Departments, Classes and/or Locations to be set up as line-item expense classifications. See more here.


I am an admin, who will also be submitting my own expense reports. Is there a way of setting up approvers, so that I am unable to approve my own report (and is sent to another approver), but I can still approve everyone else's reports?
You will technically still be able to final approve your own reports, but you can set an Approver under advanced Workflow in Admin > [Policy Name] > People.

Can Admin approve any expense report?
Any expense report on their Policy, yes. They can take over the workflow and final approve.

Do you recommend a separate account for Canada or other countries?
Yes, especially if you will be using a different currency and/or tax tracking

Is domain control only for the corporate version?
Yes, Domain Control is only available for Corporate Policy owners.

If someone needs to provide an image when responding to a comment, is there a way to allow that to come through? Sorry hard to explain.
Users can't add an image to a comment on a report but they can add a document as an attachment.

Can you create more than one tag?
Yes, you can create as many as you need, and if you connect to accounting software you can import different dimensions such as client, project or location as a tag.

How does the partner program work?
You can find more info here.

If I support multiple companies, do I set up separate Expensify apps per company with differing e-mails?
Yes, that's a good way to do it - one Policy per company or subsidiary.

You said there can be multiple admin users on one policy?
Yes that's right. Policy Admin is a role set under Admin > [Policy Name] > People.

Can you add multiple tags to an expense? Can you make tags required?
You can add multiple kinds of tags to an expense. But only one selection of each. Yes you can make them required under Admin > [Policy Name] > Tags - there's a toggle.

Can I assign multiple users for various corporate credit cards?
You can assign a corporate card to one user via Domain Control.

Is it possible to for a policy violation to be a hard stop? Meaning, the employee can't submit the report unless the violation is fixed?
Yes there is, if you use Domain Control you can 'strictly enforce' the rules.

Will we be reviewing Domain Control on this webinar?
Not in depth. But here's a detailed guide.

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