Reimbursable expenses do not match the reimbursable total on the report

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I am reviewing an expense report of which most of the charges are to the corporate Amex card. There are two mileage expenses reimbursable to the employee. However, those two mileage expenses do not add up to what the report is showing as reimbursable to the employee (it is showing a higher amount). How do I see how the system calculates reimbursable amount?


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @wendy - Great question! On the report you'll notice a section under the expenses named "Notes". In this note section you'll see a small symbol labeled "Non-reimbursable expense".

    If you refer to the expenses on the report, you'll be able to pick out the ones that are marked as reimbursable because they will not have this notation on them. (Below)

    If the reimbursable total of the report is larger than expected, the employee may have accidentally marked a non-reimbursable expense as reimbursable.