Webinar Q&A - 29 May 2018

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Setup Tasks

Can I watch this later?
Yes, you can stream the recording here.

Where do I find the guide?
You can access the guide here.

I don't want to reimburse via Expensify- simply export reports to QBO and reimburse outside of Expensify. No problem with that, right?
No problem with that! :)


Can admin submit a report on behalf of an employee?
Any policy admin can submit a report on behalf of another user on the policy by opening the report and selecting the Submit button.


My categories don't have the gear/cog...
Are you importing them from an accounting integration? If yes, you will need to make changes on the in integration side and they will sync to your Expensify account.

I'll be able to apply tags and comments? In QBO? Not sure what you mean.
If you are using an accounting integration such as Xero, NetSuite, or QuickBooks in Expensify, categories and tags must be added on the accounting side first and synced to your Expensify settings. It's not possible to add these directly in Expensify.
Please find more information on this here.

I have imported my Xero categories - but now want to add extra rules - so for Entertainment, I need the name of the guest.
Please take a look at this doc for more information on categories being imported from Xero.

The integration works fine - the Categories all pull through - problem this I can't adjust them in Expensify?
You cannot adjust them in Expensify if they're being imported from Xero. You will need to adjust in Xero and the changes will appear in Expensify. Please take a look at our docs for more information.

What sync "errors" can we run into after an expense has been created and someone edited afterwards either in Expensify or QB, Xero, etc?
Errors will differ based on accounting system. For specific sync errors, search for the accounting software in our help docs.


Can you go how to add a job or client to the submitters form, please?
I believe you are referring to tags. These are added from Admin > [Policy Name] > Tags or imported from your accounting software just like categories.

Do you have to have Corporate to set up category rules?
You can set up category rules under the Team plan as well.

But I'm wanting people to add the comments in Expensify? on the example in the link you sent me the categories to have settings cogs to click on?
You can make comments required on a per-category basis. In order for comments to be required, a policy administrator will want to head to Admin > [Policy Name] > Categories and click the cog icon next to the category name. This will bring up a menu that allows you to set comments as required for all expenses using that category.

For more info on Domain Control, can you forward me a link please?
Here's a great article to get you started!

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